Yuanda: A share market shakes piles, pays attention to switch the direction of upswing

Yuanda: A share market shakes piles, pays attention to switch the direction of upswing

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  Source: Yuanda’s three major stock indexes opened slightly lower today. The Shanghai stock index rose to red in the early morning, and then fell and fluctuated in the afternoon. The index was weaker and fell more than 4%.

Looking at the disk, the CSIC sector led the gains, with the Hangzhou Asian Games, cement, construction decoration and agricultural machinery sectors leading the gains; semiconductor and components led the decline in the afternoon, photoresist, Huawei Hisilicon, integrated circuits and gallium nitride sectorsFirst.

On the whole, individual stocks rose more and less, the market differentiation was obvious, the netness of capital going northward decreased, and the effect of making money was average.

  The faint news analysis of related industries translates into the expansion of the scope of human activities, the current changes in the living environment, and the acceleration of population movements with convenient transportation. The high incidence of infectious diseases is a long-term trend.

In the future, the state and people will pay more and more attention to social public health, and the demand for protective equipment such as masks will continue to increase.

Relevant aspects are expected to receive attention.

According to industry related information, Tesla Shanghai Lingang Super Factory Joint Factory.

The bidding for some important projects in Phase 5 ended on the 25th. Key structures including stamping workshop steel structure production are about to start. The construction period is expected to be only one month, which means that the follow-up projects of Tesla Shanghai Lingang Super Factory are accelerating.

Tesla related concept stocks are expected to receive continuous attention.

  After the Shanghai index opened lower today, the shock rose and became red.

Technically, the K-line of the daily level rebounded after stepping on the 60-day line, the red column of the MACD indicator of the same level shortened, and the KDJ indicator fell downward.

60 minutes, 30 minutes out 北京夜网 of the heavy Yang line, shrinking the Yin line, and the KDJ indicator deviates from the gold fork effectively divergent upward, there is a demand for rebound.

Funds from Kitakami continued to grow, and it is expected that the short-term index will continue to fluctuate.

  A stock market was shaken, science and technology dropped, and attention was paid to changing the direction of upswing. Today, the two cities opened lower collectively due to the plunge of U.S. stocks. After that, the market clearly differentiated. The short-term profit of the fund that started in 2020 is quite abundant, but it is also common in the short term.Opportunities can be seized from a controlled position.

The recent market turnover has continuously exceeded one trillion yuan, indicating strong market sentiment.

Specifically, under the weight of the real estate, steel, and infrastructure-led heavyweights, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 50 has become the leading pioneer, driving the Shanghai index to become popular.

Technology stocks have been adjusted due to the previous excessive rise. The main players are chips, semiconductors, software and other early price increases, while the relevant New Deal support 5G and ultra-clear video are still resistant to declines, and they have fund-selling bottoms.Whether it is the broader market or 5G technology stocks, it is necessary to focus on the direction of supplementary growth. Once the pile washing is over, the leading pioneer in the later period will be driven by the supplementary increase and become the core.

Therefore, we must abandon high risk stocks, adjust the decline and focus on brokerage companies, 5G Huawei and other opportunities to make up for the direction!