45 villages in Qinghai Province were selected in the second batch of Qinghai Provincial Tourism Key Village Directory

On October 29, the Qinghai Provincial Cultural and Tourism Hall, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on the announcement of the list of the second batch of rural tourism key villages", Xining Datong County, Niobei Temple, Housi, Haidong City 45 villages in the Human Township of Fengfu Towers were selected in the second batch of the second batch of Qinghai Provincial Tourism Key Village Directory. In recent years, Qinghai Province rely on the national, provincial rural tourism key villages, and in-depth tuning of rural culture and tourism resources, implementing the construction of tourism infrastructure projects, optimizing rural tourism routes, strengthening rural tourism talents, and the province’s rural tourism is rapid development. Form a multi-point blossom, with a point of development, regional linkage, and coordinated development pattern. Up to now, there are 3 national rural tourism key towns, 33 key villages, and 180 provincial rural tourism key villages.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the province’s rural tourism reception tourists, an average annual growth rate, achieving tourism income of 20.2 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate, indirectly drive the surrounding people to participate in employment, nearly 100,000, has become a promotion The economic and social development, the important kinetic energy of the rural revitalization. The provincial rural tourism key village, cultural and tourism resources are enriched, and rural cultural inheritance is better, and the ecological environment is beautiful, and infrastructure and public services are perfect. The economic and social development is obvious, and the demonstration has strong demonstration. All localities will strengthen support in policies, funds, markets, talents, etc., will also enjoy the national rural tourism key village directory. (Source: Qinghai Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall) (Editor: Chen Mingju, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.