Blue Sky Epic: Chinese Air Show witnesses China’s aviation industry to fly

Value is sail, leading innovation and writing breakthroughs for technology frontiers, independent innovation has never been the main battlefield of the aviation industry.On January 4, 2021, the Aviation Industry Party Group has implemented the decision of party central decision-making deployment, issued the decision of the "Party Group of China Aviation Industry Group Co., Ltd. on the implementation of the Group’s strategy to accelerate the" leading innovation ","In order to seize the major strategic opportunities of the current development and the new round of scientific revolution, the window period of the industrial revolution, accelerate the "leading innovation of the new era" leading ".The Secretary of the Aviation Industry Party Group, Chairman Tan Ruusong wrote a signature article, emphasized that "should be responsible for the heavy responsibility, do a good scientific and technological innovation, the mission, seizure the new high of aviation technology.

"Independent innovation has never been one, but a generation of aviation nights in the evening, and attacking hard.

On January 11, 2011, my country’s self-developed new generation of stealth fighters was successfully defined; on January 26, 2013, my country’s independent developed multi-purpose large-scale transportation machine 20 successfully first fly; October 1, 2019, China, my country Self-developed new generation tactical universal helicopters directly 20 formulate Tiananmen Square, first public debut.

On October 20, 2018, my country’s autonomous extinguishing / water rescue water and land amphibious aircraft AG600 water was a complete success. On July 26, 2020, AG600 successfully realized sea premiere. … With the new model of the aircraft model, my country’s aviation equipment not only achieves the cross-generation development of the world’s strong, but also achieves from mechanized to information, from the land base to the sea, from small and medium-sized to large and medium-sized, from some people Unmanned leaps; achieve the leaps of the world strong from the world, and to the same competition; realized the spanning of China’s civilian industry from the 到 欲;

Aviation technology innovation has also achieved remarkable achievements in the development of "span".

The aviation industry makes full use of aviation technology means, and the means of simulation of wind tunnel test and aerodynamic calculation, etc., the security of sailing sailboats won a number of medals in the Tokyo Olympics.

It also uses the principle of aerodynamics, and tailor-tattoo ski national training team tailored to the skiing national training team.

This is currently the largest in the world, the largest, wind speed control is the most comprehensive training facility, the most comprehensive test function, the first time in China, the first time in China, the application of air kinetic technology in sports scientific training. Exhibition in the air industry contracting, Yanqing Division Integrated Pipe, National Swimming Center South Square Underground Ice Foundation Construction Pile Foundation Testing and other tasks are continued to build. The use of aviation technology plays an important role in the construction of the Winter Olympics and the construction of venues and roads.

For the major needs of state, central enterprises have never been the true color and background of the aviation industry.

In July 2021, a sudden heavy rain made Henan land into the swamp of floods. Even the heavy rainfall is also caused a variety of villages in the town of Mihe Town, Gongyi City.

"The folks in the Minhe Town, the Emergency Management Department urgently dispatched the Wing Dragon drone to your town, and temporarily resumed China Mobile public network communication.

"This billion netbook in the evening of July is the most" burning "text message, igniting the light of the hopes in the heart of the victims, more incentive to pay attention to the aviation of the disaster, and after the disaster, the aviation industry Start the "Wing" -2H emergency relief drone emergency response mechanism, and go all out to carry out disaster relief.

On July 23, three straight 20 helicopters flew to Hongzhou Township and Town, Xinxiang, Henan Province, and implement an air survey and airdrop rescue material equipment task. Subsequently, the 5B aircraft "play", flying to Xiangyang City to perform ultra-low-altitude flight spraying and disinfection, completing the epidemic prevention killed area of ??30 million square meters, preventing epidemic dissemination and viral infection. From the emergency communication to ensure the lifeline, to the empty incidence of emptographs, the air equipment has established its own systemized combat battlefield in emergency rescue, and makes it to the people to make their own contribution to the people. In the face of new coronal pneumonia epidemic, the aviation industry also takes a big drama with an airborne speed and aviation quality, an automatic high-end mask machine, an autonomous high-end mask machine, application 歼 20 full digital multidimensional synergies, etc. Technology, 3 days to complete the design hair map, only 16 days, 6 days ahead of schedule, successfully downloaded in advance.

On February 27, 2020, the fully automatic flat mask production line drifted a white mask. Aviation once again proves that they are calling, come to fight, war, courageous, and worrying, and worrying about the country. Xinhua News Agency reported: 歼 20 technology ostra mask, the hard work is not blowing! For international cooperation, "Air Silk" has become a long-term strategic layout of the aviation industry. On September 13, 2018, the "Air Silk Road" International Air Cooperation Summit, initiated by the aviation industry, held in Beijing. The aviation industry has proposed a strategy that responds to the country’s "all the way" initiative, combined with its own advantages, and goes out of the aviation industry chain. Deputy Secretary of the Aviation Industry, Luo Rong Huahui, said that our goal is to promote the "clothing" "Built" to build the "cloth" through the aviation infrastructure construction, which will promote the development of the aircraft manufacturing and repair, the development of the industry, including tourism industry. In order to establish an industrial cooperation in harmony with China to form an industrial cooperation.

In the road to international cooperation, the aviation industry has been steady. "龙" fighter, K8 coach, "Wing Dragon" drone … More and more air equipment move toward the world, close the world closely with China. As the main product of the aviation industry, the market development and sales of "New Boat" 60/600 aircraft continue to advance, and there are more than 100 series of civil planes to invest in nearly 300 routes in 18 countries and regions in the world; Relying on the sales and operation of "New Boat" aircraft, the aviation industry has trained all kinds of professional and technical talents to users more than 3,000. 12 Series aircraft is the most exported country in my country, and has accumulated more than 200 in more than 30 countries and regions. Focusing on Internet interoperability, industrial investment, trade cooperation, aviation industry promotes production capacity output and transnational operations, and promotes the implementation of "China-Non-regional aviation cooperation program", and accelerates domestic civilians to go out and strive to set up "aerial wire".

Construction of projects such as Angola Airport, Sri Lanka Airport, adding the elements of China’s aviation industry to "Air Silk Road", extending new development space for the global aviation industry.