The 5th ethnic minority literature in Hebei Province is in the opening of Shijiazhuang

Original title: The 5th ethnic part of Hebei Province is in the opening of Shijiazhuang "how warm, so kind, take the heart of our serfs. We step down on the avenue of socialist happiness …" September 26th, Hebei Province, the 5th ethnic minority cultural appearance of Hebei Province, which is hosted by Hebei Provincial National Affairs Committee, Hebei Provincial Culture and Tourism Hall, opened in Shijiazhuang. A song "Jinshan on Beijing", sang a beautiful voice of Tibetan people live a happy life.

  Hebei minority literature and art show, held once every 5 years, is a large-scale public welfare cultural event of the national unity and development of national unity, and concentrate on the promotion of national unity and developing national culture. This year is the theme with the "national unity, a happy life, the party," to promote the party’s national policy and the huge achievements made by the Minority of Hebei Province in the road to build a well-off society, promote the integration of all ethnic groups. The reporter learned that this call will last until September 29th, and the largest in the past, a total of 45 dramas from 11 sets of districts and Xinji, Dingzhou City, more than 680 The staff participated in the staff, and the three groups of competitions were held on the 26th to 28th, and the judges selected by the judges will participate in the 29th to the awards party.

  The literary art is the horn of the times. The song "Wenhua Flowers", the song "Why is the flower of the flowers", Lu Yi "Xinjiang Roasted to Hengshui", drama "Camel Bay" … That night, by Shijiazhuang City, Handan City, Hengshui City, Dingzhou City, Xinji The municipal delegation brought the first group of 14 participating dramas (section), involving multiple categories such as music, dance, drama, and curve, showing the spirit of high-rise, unity and self-prosperity, and common prosperity. "Wen Huahua is waiting for you, and the art crown will come."

My brother’s mind, you should understand, your sister’s mind, don’t guess … "Along with joy, sweet background music, song" Wen Huahua opened "singing a stage, winning the applause.

"This song depicts the joyous scene of the Wenzhu Flowers in Handan City, and sang the passion of the party and the government, people full of confidence, the enthusiasm and yearning of the better life.

"The main singer said that his wife Cheng Yan is a Han people. He is a Hui people. Songs, based on Mongolian traditional dance, rhythm compact, music, lighting, clothing, and team-shaped clever design is also freshly reflected in the cloud’s movement and grassland’s majestic beauty.

The dance leader, Zhang Hao, director of the Hebei Engineering Technology College Dance Department, introduced, from the initial review of information, collecting, creative conception, action design, to the final program, not only let them harvested the skills of the story, more appreciated Learn the wonderful traditional culture of all nations.

  "Minority literary stress is the consciousness of the Chinese nation’s community, building an important carrier of the Chinese nation has a spiritual home, providing a stage for ethnic national literary workers with a national excellent traditional culture. Director, Director, Director of the Provincial National Affairs Committee Introduction, this phase of the stage has launched a large number of songs, singing motherland, singing people, singing hero’s stage art boutique, all national cultures, beautiful, beautiful, and total, fully demonstrating the distinctive geographical characteristics and rich national style of ethnic minorities . (Reporter Hamo, Gong Zhenglong) (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.