Promote innovation and create high-quality first sets of the first batch of Beijing enterprises are concentrated Award

People Beijing October 24 electric (battery Dream Rui) of major technical equipment is State of the weighing is related to the overall national strength and national security.

The first (set) of major technical equipment (hereinafter referred to as "the first sets") is the capital of innovation and resource gathering advantages to play, to achieve high-quality innovation to create a vivid manifestation of great significance to promote the capital’s economic and social development of high quality. October 22 afternoon, the Beijing first (set) of major technical equipment and Manpower Joint Office, Municipal Development and Reform Commission led the 2021 national public organization highly entrepreneurial innovation Week Beijing venues, "2021 first (set) of major technical equipment and project awarding roadshow "held in Zhongguancun national independent innovation demonstration zone Exhibition Center.

Activities, Municipal Government Deputy Secretary-General Liu Chun and India, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Commission, Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau, the Municipal Market Authority and the Municipal Intellectual Property Bureau and other units responsible person to the first batch of the first sets companies were awarded with the first sets of certificates. Meanwhile, suppose science and technology, traffic control technology, Sinovac in peacekeeping and other enterprises have also been roadshow project. The event focused on the awarding of the first sets of Beijing, Beijing is also a concentrated expression of the public entrepreneurial innovations Peoples in July 2020, established the Beijing city leaders led multi-sectoral collaborative participation of the first sets of co-ordinate joint meeting system , study and improve the first sets of policies. September 2021, completed the identification and selection of applications demonstration project to collect the city’s first batch of the first sets of products, admission of the first batch of the first sets of products, the first batch of the first sets of products has three major outstanding features: high-precision targeting sharp, the first batch of the first sets of products reach the international advanced level Liu Cheng, Qi Cheng fill the gaps. Closely grand strategy, focusing the "double C", the first sets of the first batch of nearly one-fifth of the products in the high-end focus on new energy and energy-saving environmental protection; Focus "Contagion," Beijing health pharmaceutical companies to develop a number of new products for scientific epidemic prevention play an important role in the prevention of new outbreaks crown.

Strengthen new applications, almost half of the first sets of products to enter the application stage of the demonstration, according to preliminary statistics, the first sets of intention to purchase the amount of nearly one billion yuan, demonstration and application project is expected to total investment of ten billion yuan.

Entered a new stage of development, the construction of the new mission of the CPC Central Committee gives Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center, a new location, clear the municipal government to build an international innovation center for the new engine, strengthen basic research to applied research driven, to achieve the key core technology focus areas. " from 0-1 "breakthrough, accelerate the" advanced wisdom made "industrial innovation and development.

The first sets as the basis for the development of "sophisticated" industry, intelligent manufacturing equipment upgrading and development of the key, the first sets of research and innovation and application in depth, promote high-quality scientific and technological innovation and the creation of self-reliance, as a high-quality economic capital the development of public confidence, Tim power.

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