“no,Golden Boss, you misunderstood。”

See Yang Li’s appearance,Jin Xijie also laughed。
“Yang Da Ge,Don’t talk,Your appearance,I am so embarrassed to make fun of you.,In fact, even if you don’t come.,I am ready to run.,After all, there is an engineering team in our county.,There is still a disco of the city center.,Many things have to be adjusted。”
Yang Li heard this and suddenly realized。
Li Hui also laughs and opens:“I am not going to let Yang Da brother directly replace you.,But let you learn a wave of Yang Da Ge.。”
“Some things do, I feel that you have to teach Yang Da Ge.,same,Some experience also taught,However, finally, the things that the stone gold show will make Yang Bigong hand it.,Don’t tell Yang Da Ge to deal with,Let’s take Yang Da Ge once once.,How about it?”
Jin Xijie heard this,Also a glimpse。
At the same time, I looked at Yang Li.。
“Hey-hey,no problem,I am in this matter。”
“That line,Yang Da Ge is now following you.,I will go to the orchard first.,I don’t know how the orchard is.。”
Li Hui Feng said an apple,Jin Xijie also thought of some things before。
“Lee Boss,You seem to have something to steal before your orchard.,However, those people you hired gave it away.,I don’t say something wrong later.,You still go see good。”
Li Hui, listen to this,Also a glimpse。
He didn’t expect his orchard.。
But now I think about 100,000 pieces worth 100,000.,That is equal to the RMB that is full of trees,What might want not to be noted by others?
“Row,Then let me go see it first.。”
Finish,Li Hui also can’t see the stone gold show.。
Directly flood to the orchard。
Go to the orchard,But I found that Apple has taken it.,And Xu Tianci still takes people in the orchard.。
“Lee brother,You can count,Lee brother,You hurry to save everyone.。”
what’s the situation?
These apples are picked,Still giving someone else?”
Xu Tianci heard this,Also a glimpse。
He didn’t think that Li Hui Feng did not care about them.,But care about Apple。
“These apples have already taken it.,However, the middle should be a few,But my brother is inseparable in this orchard.。”
Why can’t you leave??”
Xu Tianci heard this,It is also a bit hard laugh.。
“You will take it later,Then leave this orchard ten meters,Then I walked forward,You will understand。”