“Hehe,It’s the effort to sign。”Liu Tiejun said with a shy smile。

“This……Hey i say you guys……”Liu Ming’s eyebrows turned into lumps in an instant,I looked up and saw Liu Tiejun’s thief eyeballs,Cold snort,“It’s already calculated, right??”
“How can?Didn’t we discuss it just now??”Liu Tiejun looks innocent。
Liu Ming glared at Liu Tiejun,“it is good,it is good,I asked you if something went wrong。”Stern mouth,But in the end it was signed。Liu Tiejun’s expression is extremely wronged,But happy in my heart,The word was signed by you,Don’t blame me from now on。
Liu Ju,Ask sister-in-law a happy new year!”After walking out of the office together,Liu Tiejun never forgets to shoot another flattery。Liu Ming waved his hand,Hurried downstairs。
Chapter Seventeen Not deserted New Year’s Eve
Xiao Yadong was already sitting in Liu Tiejun’s office and smoking a cigarette leisurely,Seeing the other person enter the door with a smile,I want to get it done。“Lao Liu,how about it?Hard work!”Xiao Yadong got up and enthusiastically passed a cigarette。
“What about?”Liu Tiejun’s face changed,Pretending to be confused。
“Play stupid?Li Tianchou is on bail pending trial?”Xiao Yadong knew Liu Tiejun was pretending13。
“Where did you go just now,Let Lao Tzu stand alone,Damn you are always being a gunman。”Liu Tiejun complained dissatisfied。
“Didn’t we discuss it??Didn’t you also see me going downstairs to meet the reporter??Is the reporter easy to deal with??Still show me?”Xiao Yadong is also welcome。
“promise,did you see it?Here。”Liu Tiejun’s not making trouble,Raised the paper in Yang’s hand,Somewhat proud,“I have additional conditions,I can’t just treat and drink。Help me on duty tonight。”
“Your uncle,Sit on the floor and start?”Xiao Yadong cried,“No way,I haven’t been home for New Year’s Eve in two years,Something like this,You are embarrassed to mention?”
“okay,It seems you are great,I’m too lazy to talk with you。Don’t negotiate terms with me,Just one sentence,Row,Or not?”Liu Tiejun is determined,Calm。