“how come!”Nan Ge thought did not want to,“I am a kind of person??”

“Ok, don’t say it.。”Nan Ge is very sad,“In your eyes, the image of the big brother is so unbearable.!Well,We are about three chapters,Can’t engage in some insults,Can’t violate the chaos,Can’t triggering a serious conflict of losers,Yes.?”
“Can’t let me wear women’s clothing。”
“Eh!This is a……Ok, can’t you can’t。”The consent of Nan Ge is disappointed.。
“Then you have won,what will you do?”
“Can’t do anything。”Nan Ge is innocent,“That is, let you bring me breakfast.,Call a few big brothers,Or give you no more expensive place to eat for you。”
“Is it these??”
“that’s it。”
“Oh。”It sounds some money to solve the problem,But there is still some reluctant,“I can’t win you.……”
“Why do you say this??”Nan Ge is very kind to pat the http://www.wchats.cn shoulders,Then put your hand on his shoulders.,Like leadership brainkel,“You win a big,You listen to me, tell you.。first,I have been very pit before.,Super ghost is still almost。Second, this is an infinitely charm,Hero,In case I random to a Aun.,I can only play to send it.,And you don’t know that my hero pool is very shallow.……”
“random,Is it the meaning of luck??”Zhen sincerely express your doubts。
“Hey, this person……”
Nan Ge deeply sucking a cold,Caught the hand of the left shoulder,Original shape:“I suggest you better gambling。”
“If I won,Two days。”This is the intention of Zhou。
Nan Ge is not a mother-in-law,When you start match。
I saw her staring at the screen.,The mouth began to call the mouse mouse mouse……Let the turn around are speechless。
soon,Heroes are random——
“Oh oh,what http://www.haobaojia.cn do you want?”
A large mouse appears on the center of the screen。
Nan Ge is skilled in the talent,Use a round,I have decided in my heart.,This is nothing,A dog head,Specially pick those who can kill,If you kill, you will run.,Let this small look at her boy……I don’t seem to look at her.?
There is no expression in the world。
Next to a bureau,He is exhausted,Various selling nano,Pit Nano,Leading teammates in his head,Nan Ge also smiled from him to his body.。
At the end, he even wanted to pass the shutdown button.,But just think about it.,More than a gambling,Life is more important。
Nan Ge is still super god。
Zhou is very helpless。
Biased in his expectation。
In his sigh,Nan Ge has got up to find a hand paper shell。Striped four four square meters,Probably and ID card or business cards are almost sized,Tied,趴 写。
I went to the past.。