as far as I know,No,It’s all broken.,So you are unimpeded.,And now,Our elite disciple,Can all break through the gods。” Fall into the voice,Lu Feng and others have a gloomy。
Red sputum man swing hands,Laugh,“Do not say these,Both is the topic,Not important,I want to say,Long ugly,Also can’t you say it?……Uh!”
Not finished,The sound is abundant。
Two eyes convex up。
Not only him。
All elite disciples、阙 主、And the master,All looked up。
I saw the Jane Xiaoyi before I walked.,Reach out,Suddenly, I wore the mask in recent years.。
Her facial expression,Cut the mask in your hand。
Looked up,Watching Li Poetry,Sweeping everyone,Stopping on the land wind,Nodded。
And the land wind shakes his head,Balt,Time blinking。
Subsequent,Zhantai Xiaoyu’s eyes continue to roam in the lobby,Jumping over a master of the master,Sacrive over 50 elite disciples。
finally,Her eyes stay in the red man。
“Yang Rui,Who are you talking about??”
no respond。
quiet!Dead and normal。
Everyone’s eyes are concentrated on Zhantai、Face。
They see,Is a glamorous,Like a dream,Like the beauty of the beautiful jade。
Zhantai Xiaoyan is in the purple clothes,Maiden,Standing there at this moment,I have taken all the rays。
Snow skin delicate,Black long hair shares shoulder,Singer,Mangru,似 水 水,Qiong nasal show,Red lip moisture,Beebera。
This face,It is like the most perfect masterpiece in the sky.,I don’t want people to remember.。
Beautiful is close to,Beauty suffocating。
There are also many women in the hall.,Beautiful,Temperament,But at this moment,All become a companion。
Even if I was known as the most women’s Situ Mingyue,At this moment, standing next to Zhantai Xiaoyan.,Some are eclipsed。
All men’s eyes are straightforward。
And those women are revealing the look of envy.。
In fact,Zhantai Xiaoyan has been with a mask for hundreds of years ago.,I really have seen her real face,Not much。
Rumor,She is just getting more,Be considered,Exhaust。
Under the invasion of the Africa,The face becomes more ugly than one day.。
So I don’t have to wear a mask.。
Now……“She actually like this level?
Is it not to say that she is a violent??”
“What is going on??”
Everyone is confused。
Zhantai Xiaoyan is in a purple clothes,Ruo Yonghong,Such as fairy is generally elegant。