Whether it is not good, there are other problems at the same time.,Have a fever, cough,To be alert to pneumonia。

Just the Ophthalmology Director is also,After seeing the patient,Frown frown,Said to make a chest and abdomenCT,It’s not good to have a life.,If it is the disease, it will die.。
I can’t keep the left eye.,Feng Mou is already saddened。Now the Director also said that it will live out,What is even more scared?,Lip tremor。
Not a eye,I don’t do it, I don’t want this.,Why can’t I keep it??Feng and his wife。It is related to you, when you give birth, there is a relationship.。
Ms. Pang said after listening to the mouth.。How does the endometrium be long around the anus?,This is too shocking.。
But the facts may really be like this,After all, this so-called anal susceptor is really related to menstruation.,Menstruation may also come to menstruation during the menstrual tide,The menstruation in the aqueous abscess is also,Therefore, the abscess will reduce or even disappear.,Even if you don’t have to have my medicine will also disappear,Even my medicine is still a doctor who said。
Do a rectal nuclear magnetic resonance,See some,If it is true,Then you have to cut off this unusual endometrium.,It is growing in a long place。
Ms. Pang finally understood,Agree to make nuclear magnetic resonance。
Nuclear magnetic resonance results come out,There is a one near the left front of the anal tube2-3Size abnormal signal shadow,It seems that it is a tumor,Endometriosis cannot be excluded。
After receiving the report,Ms. Pang is directly,Is this really abscess?,Really the endometriosis?
Doctor,Find a suitable time surgery,Cut out and see it is even more eye-catching.。Even abscess,That is also required for surgery。This knife is awkward.。
So I picked up the end of menstruation3Daylight。That day“Perianal abscess”Minimum,The pain is the most slight。
After a anesthesia,Doctors cut a small mouth directly in the anal,Visible a capsule wall,Then strip the entire lesion,It is definitely not abscess.,This is not like an abscess that is usually seen.,He doctor is watching like a torch,Cardial and continued to cut the lesion,Tissue of dark red rot decomposers,I rely on,Really“Menstruation”what。
Send the pathological examination,Postoperative pathological return:Visible endometrium gland and interstitial,Considering endometriosis。
This is finally true.。
Continue anti-infection after surgery,Ms. Ms. is very fast,Follow up for a year,No more“Perianal abscess”happen。
Take some basic information about the endometriosis with you.:
Endometrial tissue occurs when it is outside the uterus,Endometriosis,Ectopic endometrics can infringe all parts of the whole body,Such as navel、bladder、kidney、ureter、lung、pleura、Breast,Even arm、Thigh,But most of them are located in pelvic organs and walls.,Ovary、The palace ligament is most common,Secondly, rectal, etc.。
Epidemiological survey,Most of the ages are25-45Old woman。Mild internal absent can not treat,Observe。Symptoms can be treated with some hormones。Indusal surgery,It is like the case where the end of the uterus is growing into the perineum.,Directly dry out the ectopic stove。But not guaranteed100Do not recur。
In short,I wish you all good luck.。One more eye。Especially when some diseases are obviously related to menstruation,To make a brain,Don’t want to be of course。Doctor still is still good,Turning time in time。Have you got a child??At that time cutted a knife?He doctor asked。Doctican sees that Ms. Pang will have a scar here.,So will ask this question。
Yes,It’s almost difficult at that time.。Ms. Pang Reply。On the side, I cut the little guy out of the little guy.。
You think about it.,This two months is not a real menstrual period.、Pain aggravation?After menstruation, the mass disappeared.?He doctor asked。
Don’t listen to my husband,My lump is good, it is still related to your medicine.,Just hit menstruation。Ms. Pang quickly explained。
After the examination is completed,Doctor,You may not be an ordinary anal abscess,I am looking at it.,Local skin temperature is not high,Typical perianal subcutaneous abscess is mostly increased,After all, it is an inflammation.,And patients may have fever,You have no。
Ignored acute whole uteritis。
Acute whole uteritis is an intraocular inflammation,Not caused by bacterial infection,So treatment does not rely against antibiotics,Anti-inflammatory,First choice of hormone drugs such as dexamethasone,At the same time,Prevent tissue adhesion。
After the above treatment,Feng’s eyes are swollen and painful.。
These two days have been red、Swollen pain,Later eyesight,Feng Mou is tired,Now that the left eye is alleviated,The whole person has a lot of comfort。The issue is,The vision of the left eye is still not recovered。
Coupled with Feng Mou, tea, can’t think,The whole person will lose weight with the speed visible to the naked eye.,Wife helped him weight,Foot thin3kg。