Men’s first steps,Hand a business card,road:“Miss,I am a manager of a foreign company.,this is my name card。”

Gu Anan took a business card,Actually, the manager of their company’s technical department, Xu Jinghe。
Although in one company,Departments,Have not seen。
Gu An’an smiled,Look at him,“Xu Manager,It’s really clever.,We two are the same company,I am an assistant for design director,Gu Anan。”
Xu Jinghe’s face is surprised to look at Gu Ai’an,A face is amazing,“The people in the company are passing,The assistant for design director is a big beauty,I didn’t expect to be a beautiful woman in a water spirit.?
It’s so lucky,Can eager Miss Gu。”
Gu Anan bowed,Some embarrassed laughs,“Master’s prize,I am going to the hospital.,Since we are all people who know,Car is respective。”
Xu Jinghe low,Looking at her red face,This Gu An An is really beautiful.,He smiled,“Miss Miss,How is this??
I hit the car of Miss Gu,It was my fault,Car, I help, Miss repair。”
Gu An’an quickly shake his head,“Really don’t have to be。”
“need,need,Miss Miss,If you refuse me?,I will not be relieved.。”
Xu Jinghe has always insisted,That Winter is like,Let Gu An’an have been derived from a lot of good feelings.。
Look at him insistence,She will not say more.,The two interrelated contact details,She went to the hospital。
Outside the ward,I heard a happy laughter,Gu Anan slightly,Gently open the door of the ward,Look at everything in the inside,When the eyes are touched to Blue Xin sitting on a wheelchair,She is like a sunny day.,Blue Xin actually woke up,And their family is talking about it here.,Very happy。
Gu An’an is dead and licking and laughing.。
Why,Her life will be so good,I have always had so much love to love her.。
And her side,Always solitary。
She is a general accounting,At the end,Still nothing。
Gu An An quiet,this moment,She doesn’t want to step in,She knows that people in the inside will not welcome her.。
Lu Haocheng waited until Su Shengming and Ou Jing came over to help pack things.,Talented to Gu Jia’s humanitarian。
All the way,European,Su Seiming is sitting in the car.。
Car park in red light intersection,Ou Jing 尧 looks at Su Sei Ming,See him is unhappy,Watching the front,“What?
Cold face,Are you not happy to wake up??”
Su Shengming looked back at the blue Xin, sitting around Lu Hao Cheng,Shake the shaking head,“Blue,I don’t have the meaning.,I just lost love.。”
Blue Xin:“”Fall in love?
But how can she heard that Su Shengming often leaves??
“puff”Ou Jing, I can’t help but laugh at the time.。
Su Shengming looked back at him,“why are you laughing?”
European:“Are you not lost in three days??
I have never seen you so sad.,It seems that this time is serious。”
Su Shengming looked at him:“What I don’t seriously??”
European:“Which of you is serious??”