“Aunt,You came back so well,You help me explain。”

Chen Xiu came in with Auntie Cleaning,Just listen to Auntie Cleaning:“Miss,Don’t cry,This gentleman is absolutely serious,I changed your clothes for you。look,This is the new dress this gentleman asked me to buy you。”
Qin Zhi took the bag from Auntie Health,I saw that there were some women’s clothes inside.,Doubt said:“Big sister,It’s really the clothes you changed for me?”
“of course。”
Auntie Health is saying:“I worked in the hotel for so long,I have never seen a gentleman like this gentleman。A beautiful lady like you was drunk and was sent to the hotel,That’s……”
“it is good……All right,Big sister,thank you!”
Chen Xiu is afraid of Qin Zhi embarrassment,Hurry up to send Auntie Health out。
“Mr,The clothes you let me buy still have money left,I give you back。”
“Aunt,no need,This extra money will be regarded as my lost work pay,thank you!”
Finally sent away Auntie Cleaning,When I came back, I saw Qin Zhi clutching her hot face,Said shyly:“Chen Xiu,I’m sorry,I misunderstood you。”
Chen Xiu pretended to be angry,Jokingly:“I really don’t understand you women,I didn’t want me to accept you today,I really want to do something to you,Why are you going to die?!”
Qin Zhi’s face is better,Said with a faint mosquito noise:“This can be the same,How do I want to be the same as I was forced?!”
Qin Zhi’s voice became even smaller,Made Chen Xiu almost inaudible,Had to move in,She suddenly kissed Chen Xiu’s lips,Her lips are soft、very warm,Can’t help but leave Chen Xiu’s mind empty。
He is also a normal man,Hands tightly around her head,Bow your head,Kissed her crazy。
1071 False police
Qin Zhi Qingyin,She can’t breathe anymore!