I saw Tu Chuping suddenly stretch out his hand,Five Finger Force,He twisted Li Fei’s neck,And then throw it into the air。

Li Feifan’s body flew up into the air,I happened to hit Favel’s body。
Fei Wei Er received this sudden shock,It’s hard to keep balance,And Li Feifei’s mental disorder before his death,Also had a huge impact on her mental power control。
Among the Twelve Apostles,These two have the strongest mental control,Also the most accurate,They were recruited almost at the same time,Phoebe’s mental power failed to cover the audience,She can only save herself subconsciously,Fly high in the sky。
Talking late,Then soon!A sharp and incomparable knife light shot into the sky,Swipe,Cut down the head of Phoebe,Her corpse has lost its mental control,Fall straight。
I saw Tu Chu babble like a crazy tiger,In my hand there is a wide blade long knife condensed from Zhen Qi,After cutting off Favel’s head,Wave again,Rushing to the other apostles。
This Qi soldier suddenly soared in Tu Chuan’s hands,The length has increased tenfold,As the magic weapon used by ancient giants,Sweeping vigorously to the apostles。
Pause time,The apostles suffered heavy casualties,Blood flowed into a river,Several in a single blow。
Chapter Eighty Eight The will to guard the world
I also blame these apostles for their bad luck,They just blessed their extraordinary abilities on Bro Longya,Formed the armor of mind that should have been invincible,I don’t know that Brolong was also subdued,And they are at their weakest right now。
As one of the Twelve Apostles, Tu Chuan suddenly attacked,It killed everyone by surprise。
Tu Chanchun was originally one of the three warriors among the apostles,It’s not the path of the extraordinary,But to kill with his own tyrannical force,And he didn’t dedicate himself to Brolong just now,Instead, he took the opportunity to phantom and give out his breath,Behead companions。
Under the circumstances,The other apostles didn’t expect that Tu Chanchun would dare to be such a ruthless man.,Not watching,Actually all of them。